Ride Along with the Men & Women of Paranormal Investigation and Elimination!

Ghostbustin' 911 is a Ghostbusters fan web-series, filmed in the style of COPS, with camera crews following the daily work of professional paranormal eliminators working for Ghostbusters franchise offices, which operate in all major cities. Season 1 follows the Twin Cities Ghostbusters, at the Minneapolis/St. Paul franchise office. This under-paid and under-educated crew is based at a firehouse in St. Paul, is fully equipped with gadgets and vehicles, and encounter weird situations throughout a season of comedic half-hour episodes. Trailers and episodes are posted on Youtube for the enjoyment of the viewing public!

Episode 1 - Part 1

Episode 1 - Part 2

Premier episode. GBs try to pick up a ghost hitchhiker, and try to take on zombies.

Episode 2 - Part 1

Episode 2 - Part 2

GBs release a ghost back into a customer's house, and accidentally burn down a house.

Episode 3 - Part 1

Episode 3 - Part 2

Tyler gets demonically possessed again, & GBs cause several accidental proton pack explosions.

Episode 4 - Part 1

Episode 4 - Part 2

GBs are in trouble with their lawyer, and an inspector from Headquarters, and run into an original Ghostbuster!


Episode 5 - Part 1

Episode 5 - Part 2

GBs try to prank the rookie, encounter a time traveler, bust a nasty gas guzzling ghost and investigate an arcade haunting in our most special effects intensive episode yet!


Episode 6 - Part 1

Episode 6 - Part 2

GBs do inappropriate business promotion, a vampire (Edward Sullen) is overly friendly, and a mishap causes more equipment on the car to explode, requiring a visit to the Ectomobile mechanics garage.

Episode 7 - Full Episode

After 2 and a half years, GB911 is back with Episode 7! GBs deal with "right to afterlife" protesters, the Ecto-1C gets stolen, the Ecto-1D gets introduced, a familiar cop tries to ticket the car, and the guys call in Becky to help bust a "ladies man" ghost at the Mounds Theatre! 

More to come!




The ECTO-1C  

Our Ghostbuster crew      

GB Becky Forrester

The Ecto-containment system


A growing crew!

With Dr. Winston Zeddemore

On the job at the stadium

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