Jason Skoby - Director   


Cory Deveney - Lead Editor


Ryan Heglund - Lead Writer


  Jason Skoby as - GB Supervisor Vincent Gehin
  Cory Deveney as - GB Tyler Martin
  Ryan Heglund as - GB Ron "Rico" Bailey
  Kenny Juergens as - GB C. "Strong" Armstrong
  Brian Gruber as - GB  O'Brian
  Will Duff as - GB "Fresh Meat" Will Fergeson
  Scarlet Salem as - GB Becky Forrester
  Chris Bordo as - Police Officer/GB Chris
  Shawn Hodroff as - GB Shawn
  Nick Carlberg as - GB Drunken James Fillmore
  Kallissa Brown as - Attorney Sarah Charleston Esq.
  Nicole Kruex as - Tech inspector Veronica Tully

And many other talented individuals including: Brett Stoltz, Heather Amos, Marshall Johnson, Travis Olson, Chad Cooper, Joe Johnson, Rich Love, Nathan Churchill, Brian Forrest, Landyn Banx, and others credited in each episode.

Special thanks to Chris at CM Studios for the ghost effects of episode 5:   

And to Sal "The Darkcloak" for our website graphics:


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