Ghostbustin 911 is a not-for-profit, comedic parody of COPS involving camera personnel riding along with the Twin Cities Ghostbusters squad, investigating reports of hauntings and paranormal activities in the area.

This project began as an idea to make a short Ghostbuster fan film for public access, and has grown into a large-scale production of an entire season of half-hour episodes, having attracted the volunteer participation of professional local film, music and radio talent. We strive for high quality production value, despite having no budget beyond the meager out-of-pocket contributions of the show's producers, who also play leading characters. is our youtube page where you can find video blogs about behind-the-scenes production, and our other various videos.

This project is all volunteer and made for free public viewing. We occasionally need extras to play characters in scenes. If you are interested in volunteering to be in a scene, suggesting a scene location, or offering a cross-promotion opportunity, please write to and describe yourself or your proposal.






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